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Multi-Parameter Monitor
Multi-Parameter Monitor India
mp 8400 multiparameter monitor
mp 1200 multiparameter monitor
MP 1210 Multi-Parameter Monitor India
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multiparameter monitor gujarat
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What is Multiparameter Monitor?

Multi-Parameter Monitor Ahmedabad
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Multipara Patient Monitor is medical equipment used to monitor the patient for the purpose of meeting various demands. This medical monitor helps in measuring patients vital signs such as blood pressure, body temperature, multi lead ECG, respiration, SpO2 and reduces risk of complication. It makes use of alternative current and direct current.

Why Silveline Meditech's Multiparameter Monitor Unique?

Multiparameter Monitor – A medical device is used to monitor patient’s heart and body temperature. The offered Multipara Monitor is known for its compact design and portability. This equipment is considered unique due to its high demand in hospital clinic and emergent medical situation.


Features of Multiparameter Monitor

✔   Accurate oxygen saturation in low perfusion
✔    Embedded with ECG filtering
✔    Embedded with accurate noninvasive arterial blood pressure
✔    Multi parameter on one board increase the decision making speed of the clinician
✔    Clear display enables to inspect the result from long distance
✔    External monitor, printer are available on the request

Application of Multiparameter Monitor

A Multiparameter Monitor is an electronic medical device used for monitoring patient’s physiological signals. It keeps the record of patient’s body temperature, blood pressure, pulse rate and respiratory rate and also this machine is widely applicable in measuring the activity of various body organs such as ECG monitors, anesthesia monitors, or EKG.

Multiparameter Monitor price in India

Your request for the price of Multiparameter Monitor is very important to us. We offer these machine in three different models: MP 8400, MP 1200 and MP 1210 Multi Parameter Monitoras per the client request at rock bottom prices within business working days.


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MP 8400 Multi-Parameter Monitor

MP 1200 Multi-Parameter Monitor

MP 1210 Multi-Parameter Monitor